If you are replacing the tile above the tub please do this first. Please protect tub with a sheet of plywood
before pulling the tile off. Go ahead and grout the tile to the tub just don't caulk it.

If your putting a new floor in (especially if its marble. Marble tiles are very easily damaged) I'd prefer to
refinish tub prior to new floor going in. You can pull up new floor and install new subfloor. There's just a
lot of different type of floors going in today that I'd don't want to worry about.

•  Do you have shower doors? Please remove doors before I arrive.
There is no warranty in the track area if they are left on. I strongly recommend removing them. Be careful
when removing track ledge of tub can chip. Most times people remove the doors and tracks and go to a
curtain or new doors after the tub has been refinished
.. Please visit  www.mrshowerdoor.com

•  Plumbing should be in good working order.
Dripping faucets, and any installation of hardware should all
be done prior to my arrival. Drain does not have to be removed! However, we would appreciate the
removal of the overflow from the tub.

• Is there is fresh paint on the walls? There's a chance of paint being pulled off from the masking tape. I
especially find this where sheetrock is right up against the front skirt of the tub. Just a heads up.

• Please remove all caulking on the tub surface prior to our arrival. Grout does not have to be removed. If
this is an issue for you I can do it for you.

• Please be sure to clean the tub well with an abrasive cleaner before I arrive to remove any soap film.   
Excessively dirty tubs will incur additional cleaning charges.

• Please make sure the bathroom is cleared out of any loose articles, such as shower curtains, window
curtains, rugs, items on counters etc. Anything that isn’t in a cupboard or drawer, that can be removed
from the bathroom should be. I will do any necessary covering of walls and floors.

• Please vacuum the bathroom as well to clean up all dust and hair. There's air movement and we don't
want it landing on your tub.

Is the toilet or vanity in the way of the front of the tub. I need at least a foot to
get my spray gun in their to spray the front of the tub. If in doubt please send
me a picture.

• Do you have a bathroom window? Please make sure it opens, and that storm windows and screens are
functional prior to our arrival. (An exhaust fan gets placed in the window) If there is no bathroom window
please have a window available for me to run an exhaust hose out of.

Remove masking paper in 24 hours and caulk where the tile meets the tub. Make sure the caulk you use
is water soluable (LAYTEX).
No Silicone types. These are solvent based and very difficult to work with
and won't clean off with water.

Reinstall your trip lever (over flow plate) by dropping the weighted end into the overflow pipe, line up the
screw hole and reinstall the two screws. If a drain screen was removed, lay it over the drain, line up the
hole and install the screw.

Please be advised that I usually have a couple of shades of white on hand. Kohler White and American
Standard White. Please see before I spray. If you are not around I will choose one. There are 1000's of
shades of white. I am not responsible if it does not match your toilet or tile. I typically try to match the

Also be advised that I am not responsible if after the tub is done and it makes your old tile look bad. I
actually had someone say it was my fault because her tile now looked bad. Go figure...
Contractors Especially Please Read.
I need the decision maker there.
There are question and options I need to discuss.
Don't just leave me there. I have questions for you as the job progresses.
For example sometimes people are happy with the tub just cleaned.

Please don't schedule me on the same day that you are having other
work done in the house such as carpentry work, Sheetrocking/Taping,
Floor sanding. I am not responsible for dust landing on your tubs finish.

If it humid out A/C is required. A window unit in adjacent bedroom
should be ok.

I can't refinish the tub if the walls above it are exposed studs. Finish
your tiles. At the very least have the backer board up. You can grout
just don't caulk yet.

I will need electricity, running  water in tub and, access to the
bathroom. (no joke, someone said I would have to climb through an
upstairs window)
If it's cold outside I will need heat as well. The surface of the tub and
glaze has to be above certain temperature or there can be issues.

Please clean the bathroom of all dirt and dust. If I Refinish the tub, this  
is a sprayed on application and you don't want dirt, hair @ dust in the
tubs finish.
Bathtub Rx, LLC  6 Peaceful Ln, Norwalk, CT 06851 203-984-3931
Best way to contact me is TEXT via cell
above. Of course you can call too.
Please send pictures of tub. Pictures
answer a lot of questions about the tub.
Please have a picture showing the
between tub and toilet/vanity

I service Fairfield County and
surrounding areas.