I created this page to give you an idea of what is actually involved in the cost of refinishing a tub.
Some people are under the impression that it's a quick and easy process and not needing much material.
There are many hands in my pocket doing business. There's also more expenses then just the materials used on the tub.

Tools and Supplies

Exhaust fans and hoses
HVLP (high volume low pressure) Turbine
Spray guns
Industrial Cleaners
Scouring Pads
Sand paper
marine putty
Masking paper
Masking Tape
Masking Plastic
Bonding agents
2 Part epoxy primers
2 part top coats (Resin and Catalyst)
SRS (Slip resistant Surface) product for bottom of tub
Supplies to apply SRS
My morning coffee ;)
and more...

Additional costs of doing business

Cost of Van
Cost of gas
Commercial insurance on Van
License fees
Liability insurance
LLC fees (Limited Liability Company)
BBB fees
Federal & State income taxes
State Sales tax (Where applicable)
and More....

I schedule just your tub for the day to refinish. Others schedule many tubs in a day. They are either rushing to get your tub
done to get to the next tub or they hire people who come and go. I am the owner/operator I do all my work myself.

It takes me on average 5 hours sometimes more from start to finish to refinish a tub. Not 1 or 2 hours.  I redo tubs of lesser
quality work and materials. So I know the shortcuts that are taken.

A standard refinishing of a tub that I do is less than half the cost of those liner systems you see advertised. A Franchise
which can contain royalty fees and large advertising budgets which add to the cost which in turn is past down to you.

I am not the most expensive and I am not the cheapest. If you just go for the cheapest price be prepared to possibly pay
more shortly down the road when you can't get a hold of the guy that did your tub after it starts to fail.

If I just clean your tub which I do offer. It does take less material and time however, I still have the cost of doing business.  
Other Refinishers might insist on refinishing the tub instead to get more money.

Trust me when I tell you I am not getting rich. I am just trying to stay a float like a lot of people these days.

There are a lot of variables when pricing.
How far do you live from me?
Home, Condo, Apartment?
I don't do high rise or commercial sorry.

Has the tub been refinished before? Cost is more for additional prep. Some people will strip the tub to save the stripping
fees however, you may want to read this first. Trust me when I say I don't want to strip your tub to make more money. I
much prefer hearing that the tub has not been refinished before.

Click here for Warning about Stripping tubs!!

Is my price higher than my competitor?  (I know I'm not the most expensive or cheapest)

However, If it's important to you.  I am R
ated with the BBB in Fairfield County A+ with 0 complaints, I belong to 3 different
refinishing associations, Angie
's List and I typically will do it for less then my competitor. Probably because I rarely advertise
in the paper and don't have workman's comp for employees since I do all my own work. You can have it done for less but
just remember it will cost you more down the road when the job is failing and it has to be stripped off.

Will entertain legitimate local competitors pricing.
If you like call me and I'll even give you my local competitors number.

Even if you have me refinish your tub it's still a whole lot less then the cost of having one of those plastic liners put over
your tub which will make it smaller and you could have mold and mildew issues down the road from water getting in
between the liner and your tub.
I am rated with the BBB as A+ Rated with 0 Complaints.

  • Refinishing just your tub for the day.
  • I'm local. I've been living right here in Norwalk since 1964 in business since 2005.
  • I do the work myself and, I don't claim to have been refinishing for decades just because the
    name of the business has been around that long. People buy and sell businesses all the time but
    put down that they have been in business since the original business opened.
Bathtub Rx, LLC 6 Peaceful Lane Norwalk, Ct 06851                  203-984-3931
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after
the sweetness of low price is forgotten"
"Benjamin Franklin"
A low ball competitor who
subs out his work  makes
his subs all use a certain
brand of coating that I
won't mention here.

Below is feedback from a
long time refinisher who
used these coatings.

"I tried ???? products after i let
??? talk me into it. I stuck with
them for a year and now i am
paying for it. It does spray very
easy. But and i mean but, i have
been in the business since 1989
and never seen a finish stain
quicker than the ???? finish.
Every tub i looked at had some
stain marks or yellowing on the
inside. The reason i got to look at
these tubs again is because the
primer ???? is worthless. I  had
more call backs with this primer
than all the others combined.
Trust me, i have used them all.
You couldn't pay me to use them

You see low cost comes
with issues that you don't
want.  Have it done right
the first time and save
yourself even more money
down the road due to
failed coatings having to
be stripped off.

Is it worth the gamble?
You decide.