"" Bathtub Rx just came and restored (I think I'm using the correct term) our bathtub. I am 100% satisfied with the quality and
professionalism of Gary. He returned phone calls promptly and actually showed up on our scheduled day and on time!!!! His work is
superior and far beyond my expectations of what my bathtub would look like. It is beautiful. It looks better now than it looked new. In
addition, he installed a bath mat that blends right in and it will not trap water underneath it, therefore there will be no mildew. I highly
recommend Bathtub Rx, and would call them first before replacing a bathtub. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of work and with
the price. What a cost effective alternative and you do not lose your bathroom for weeks at a time. He was done in half a day! Call
him, you won't be disappointed!

Susan of Norwalk

Gary Mott / Bathtub Rx has provided me the perfect solution for my outdated but very functional bathroom.  Bathtub Rx was referred to
me by a friend who is a very reputable builder in the county.  When I contacted Gary, he suggested viewing his web site, which
showed very convincing before and after photos of a bath that looked exactly like mine!  After researching various options, i.e. new
tile, bathtub enclosures, etc., I found that this refinishing procedure was ideal for my situation.  Gary spent time explaining the
process, and when I decided to proceed, he worked with me to accommodate my busy schedule.

The cleaning and glazing process went smoothly, and I was very satisfied with the results.  The process was done well, and the entire
area was cleaned and straightened up prior to his leaving.  Gary also left an information sheet with recommended curing times,
cleaners, etc. that has proven very helpful.  He has also been able to answer any questions I have via his web site/e mail.  

I would recommend Bathtub Rx as an exceptional alternative to traditional tile replacement.  We are very pleased with the results.


JoLee of Norwalk

Gary Mott personally refinished our bathtub and we are more than pleased with it's outcome. Mr. Mott was not only informative and
professional, but on time and courteous. Any questions we had or were concern with were answered quickly and professionally.
Everything was cleaned up and left sparkling new. I would, and have recommended Mr. Mott to friends and relatives. We are still very
please with our bathtub and know that we could call Mr. Mott if we have any questions in the future.



Gary Mott of Bathtub Rx reglazed our old pink bathtub to a beautiful white tub
and did an excellent, professional job. We are very happy with the results and I would highly recommend him.

Gary showed up when expected and cleaned up beautifully.

I would highly recommend Bathtub Rx.



Hi Gary - I recently had our tub reglazed by you and it looks great.  Haven't really used the tub too much yet but before when it was
pink, it just didn't match the rest of the new bathroom.  Doing it this way was a lot less of a hassle over replacing the tub just because it
was the wrong color.


I have known Gary Mott for a few years and was excited when he started his new business.  Our tub needed a lot of work and I was
hoping it could be improved by refinishing.  But I never could have hoped for the results that we got!  When Gary was done, it looked
like new.  I can’t stop looking at it.  My wife and kids loved the tub.  I let them all see it at once and they were oohing and aahing.  
Our biggest concern at this point is keeping it looking that wonderful.  But the tips he gave me and those he provides on his website
will be a great help.  He really did a great job!    

It was a lot less expensive that putting in a new tub and we did not lose the access of our one bathroom for more than a day.  Gary
also did a great job of using a fan to vent the smell and cleaned up everything when he was done.

The before and after pictures of the tub are amazing.  I will be sending those to Gary soon.  I would recommend Gary (Bathtub Rx) to


Steve R.

We should have done this years ago!  We’ve had our bathtub re-glazed
for over a month now and we still can’t believe our eyes—it really looks
like we bought a new one!  I highly recommend Bathtub Rx for anyone
looking to refresh their tired bathroom.  The whole process inconvenienced
us for less than a day, and to our surprise you never would have known
it...everything was left spotless, including our “new” bathtub!

Angel & Lillian

Our family and visitors have been very impressed with the work that Gary Mott of Bathtub Rx, LLC did on our two old tubs.  Before he
started, both had unsightly rust stains on the bottom, which had been hiding under non-slip vinyl mats that apparently made matters
worse.  Anyone with old tubs should consider consulting with Gary.  He makes an old tub look new, on time and on budget.


Your re-glazing of my tub and tile was done professionally and courteously.  I admire anyone who takes such pride in his work.

Cheers! David  

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the job you have done. First you have a nice appearance and spoke very
nicely and I never felt rushed or pressured.As I've told you I had the tub refinished before and it failed and the whole house smelled
for a long time. When you had come to do the job I was so impressed with the equipment that removed and filtered the air, that really
made a difference. Then when you added that textured anti-slip finish that was so smart of you to do, thank you.

Referrals are on the way, nice job Gary it was a pleasure to do business with you.
Please see attached picture.

Richard A.

I just thought I'd say that I still get a kick out of my bathtub.  I'm really happy with how it looks, and it was a great sized bath tub to
begin with.  We toned down everything else, and the pink is liveable now.


Karen O.

My family and I had been living with a bathtub that was a real eyesore for six years.  It was once a beautiful cast iron tub, much bigger
than a more contemporary fiberglass tub.  But over the years, it had become stained blue by a dripping faucet and was mottled and
discolored in other places.  It looked terrible.

My husband bought one of those do-it-yourself tub painting kits.  After a day of back-breaking work, the tub looked great.  
Unfortunately, after about four months, the tub started to peel in big patches.  It now looked worse than before, and I didn’t feel that it
was safe to bathe the kids in a tub with peeling paint.

That’s when Bathtub Rx came to the rescue.  Gary Mott did an amazing job stripping off the old paint and giving the tub a thorough
cleaning. He also alerted me to a leak behind the wall that was causing the blue stain.  He could simply have covered up the stain
with glaze, collected his money and been on his way, but instead he took the time to go over my options with me.  I ended up saving

I was so pleased with the results and totally impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of Gary and Bathtub Rx.  

We thank Gary for doing an excellent job and give him our heartfelt recommendation!


Christine Stracher and family

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with “old blue” who is now a lovely shade of white.  The tub just looks great.  I called
my friend Barbara and gave her your number.  

My best regards,



What took me so long to do it???
Great job.  It looks new and breathes fresh life into the back of the house.  


Gary refinished our tub in April and I had promised to write a testimonial regarding his work. I am happy that I waited to write because
I am just as happy with the work that was done on our tub as I was 4 months ago. Gary was extremely professional and meticulous in
his work. The tub turned out great and has endured constant use by a family of four since the job has been completed. For anyone
who has a tub that they are considering refinishing, I would whole heartedly recommend Gary's services to make your tub like new and
save you a lot of time and money on a complete tub replacement - we had looked at this as an option and are very pleased that we
went with the refinishing. Bottom line: Friendly, professional worker, one day job, excellent finished product. Thanks again Gary.

David G. - Bethel, CT



As for Billy (Tile Guy)- yes, he has seen it and he was amazed at how "factory" finish it looked.  He had been really unsure and worried
that I was making a poor decision in not pulling the tub, especially as we went down to the studs and put in new insulation and
cement board - the perfect moment to take it our if that were to happen, but we went looking at new ones and even the best Kohler
and other steel tub maker's current tubs were simply not as sturdy as the old iron ones - in this design, and they needed under-
stabilization, etc., so I was determined to keep this tub if at all possible.

I am considering an air jet tub in the master, but that would mean moving walls, etc., and I am not certain it is worth the extra cost.  
Anyway, he was also amazed at how close you were able to get to the ring around the drain without over spray or leaving a gap that
made it noticeable that this was a new finish and not the original from the factory.  In fact (I thought you would really enjoy this) one
of the contractors I had previously spoken to about other work - and who also mentioned (when I told him I was having the tub
refinished) that he did refinishing as well - stopped by to quote some cement work I need done in the garage, so I showed him the
tub.  He was flabbergasted - and said he would never do it himself again!!!  Apparently he owns a couple of income properties and he
uses tub refinishing "kit" sold at Home Depot, and his results are less than ideal.

The fact that it was possible to get a finish like the one we have - even though it does require special care to clean, etc., was
something he wasn't aware of until he saw our tub!  Pretty cool!  I gave him your contact info, but whether or not he will really call is
another issue.  I thought that was the best recommendation anyone could have - a remark like that from someone in the same (sort of)
field, who does a similar process.  He wants me to keep him posted on how it holds up, but he was visibly shocked and quite impressed
by the finished product, as he had seen the tub pre-refinish.

Thank you again!!!  I am delighted with the results, and cannot wait to have a great soak - the idea of no tub mat is fantastic!


Thanks for making a beautiful bathtub from that old blue one we had for over 30 years.
Wish we did it long ago & had more time to enjoy it. This was the best way, to re-finish it rather than the alternatives.


Gary Mott, I don’t know where to begin but let me keep this short. The best way to convey how I feel about Gary is that even though I
have almost 20 years experience in the refinishing business If I ever had to choose 1 person to refinish a bathtub for me it would be
Gary Mott. He has to be the most honest meticulous refinisher I ever met. When in the military attention to detail was taught to us.
Gary’s attention to detail is by nature and instinct. If your tub needs refinishing he will tell you. If he can clean it he will tell you. If he
thinks it’s not worth saving he will tell you. Strait talk and honest work is what you can expect from Gary Mott. He holds a fond spot and
a special place in all the hearts of the PBRA membership.
You know we truly are a band of brothers. There is no Miracle in the method. Just hard work and dedication to the craft. Gary
demonstrates that to us all. Extremely proud to have him as a member.

Gary Goel,
Founder of the PBRA
If you are looking into bathroom remodeling you should really consider refinishing / reglazing first.
I shopped around for various options quite a bit before deciding on his service,
and I am glad I did, because by the time we met, I truly understood what a great
value we were getting.  

From the first moment I contacted Bathtub Rx, Gary was professional, courteous
and knowledgeable. He spent time explaining (not selling!) his service and was
helpful and accommodating in lots of ways that set him apart from other home
contractor services I have used.

The cleaning and glazing process was quick and easy, and Gary left the house
neat as pin when he was done. I am very satisfied with the results. I had a few
questions after the process, and Gary made a special trip out to our home to
answer my questions and take a follow up look at the tubs. I am confident that
anytime I might need to call on him, he will be there and will not try to give me
the after sale “brush off”. This gives me great peace of mind.

I would recommend Bathtub Rx to anyone without hesitation. Our bathrooms
look great!!


Thank you so much for transforming my bathroom today!  It looks so terrific!  
You did an amazing job. Your professionalism and knowledge about the
process is commendable.  Your work ethic and job performance
was impeccable. There were no vapors or mess in my home.  The tub looks
brand new and I am enjoying it already.  I would highly recommend you to
anyone interested in transforming their bathroom in one day! Also, your
web site really explained the process and made me feel like you were the man
for the job!  Thank you so much for making this experience so rewarding.


Jeanne from Milford

Thank you again for all your great work! I sold my condo in 2 days and
I  know the bathroom was a big part of it! So thanks again!


We were so pleased with our reglazing bathroom makeover.  Most of all, we
were impressed with Gary's character and work ethic.  He is a true professional
and meticulous in using his reglazing process.  He gives you the assurance that
the finished product will be one you will be completely satisfied with.  Anyone
that owns a home knows how difficult it is to find a reputable contractor.  Gary is
punctual, answers any questions, and stands by his guarantee!   If reglazing is
an option for your bathroom, consider Bathtub Rx for the job.  You won't be

Mr. & Mrs. White - Bport

You did a beautiful job.  I will definitely recommend you to our clients.  Your
business cards are at Realty Quest so the other Realtors can hand them out.
All the Best

I wanted to include some after pics for you.       
We love the new tub.
Now I gotta just finish the other half !

Thanks again.                                                              

Wanted to thank you for doing a great job on our bathtub.  Looks great and very
neat, which is much appreciated.

Best regards -

Charles and Carla

I know this is a week overdue (too much fun in cape cod to email, I
suppose), but I wanted to say thank you. The tub and tiles look absolutely
amazing. It definitely surpassed my expectations and couldn't be happier.
Thanks again. If i ever move and need this done again, i will definitely
call. I've certainly recommended you to my friends. Take care and have a
great rest of the summer!


Gary, you are one of the truly honest and straightforward guys in this world.

I came  away with the impression of you, Gary, as a very honest, capable
person with his most important goal as the satisfaction of his customer.

You are a breath of fresh air.

All the best.


Gary Mott came to my house to refinish a bathtub back in August 07'.  He was
on time and did a fantastic Job. Gary called me when he was finishing up and
when I arrived home, my tub looked great, and my bathroom was spotless.  He
is very patient and takes pride in his work. This really shows in our bathroom.  I
would recommend his services to anyone.

Nicole D
Greenwich, CT

After the fact, I have to admit that I was very skeptical about glazing the bathtub. If I
had to do it again I would not hesitate!

The fact that you took pride in your work, you did the most detailed preparation prior to
applying the glaze and your after work interest leads me to believe that besides being
diligent, you are a rare commodity. You are one of the few craftsman remaining that
can do this kind of job with care, service and success. I have had numerous
compliments about the bathroom. Since installing the shower doors it looks like a new
bathroom but at a third of the cost.

Thank you for a great job well done.

Brian F.

I live in New Jersey and was looking for someone to re-glaze my mother's 50 plus year
old tub in Conn. I found BathtubRx on the internet and was extremely impressed with
their website. I emailed Gary for info. and heard back immediately. Four days later my
mother had a beautifully restored tub. Gary was on time, extremely professional, and
we highly recommend him!

Patti T
Township, NJ

Bathtub Rx  did the most amazing work on a tub that I thought would never look good
again. Gary was honest  about what he could and could not do and his price was quite
reasonable . I would call Gary again and I most certainly recommend him for that
hopeless tub/shower situation. Truly a satisfied customer.


Hi Gary , Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the job you did with the tub
and tiles! The shower doors were done today --what an improvement . Thanks for all
your effort- great job. Feel free to use me as a reference should you ever need one.
Best, Erin
Bathtub Rx, LLC  6 Peaceful Ln, Norwalk, CT 06851 203-984-3931