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Professional Tub Cleaning below.  
(Half the price of me refinishing the tub)
Sometimes all that is needed is a professional cleaning. Removal of soap scum, mineral deposits, Surface rust,
blue and green stains. There's no need to refinish a tub that just has some stains around the drain. (I've seen a lot
of tubs refinished because of this)
I have to clean the tub regardless of what step we do so once it's cleaned we can decide together what to do...
Stop here, Restore or Refinish.
Please note!!!  If tub is worn or etched cleaning alone will not bring back the shine.
So if I just clean your tub and its worn please don't complain if it's not shiny in areas.
Bathtub Rx Exclusive option to the area. Bathtub Restoration Below.  
GREEN OPTION (leaving the original finish)
Sometimes all that is needed is a professional cleaning however, there are times where
the tub is dull and worn. I have a special process that seals the worn areas and brings
back the gloss. This is not always an option. If there is a lot of body work for example or
of course if it's a color change.
Bathtub Refinishing Below.  
Color changes or lots of body work. This is where I mask the area off and spray on a
new glaze over the tub. Although I never promise you a new tub I hear a lot when
customers see the tub. "Wow it looks brand new"
Before shot.... Notice the rusty stains on the
seat and how dull the finish looks.
After shot... Notice the stains are gone and the
gloss is back. This was
NOT refinished.
Refinishing -The tub is cleaned, noticeable chips repaired, mask off the area, apply a bonding agent
apply a slip resistant bottom then spray 3 to 4 coats of topcoat.
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I offer these options to give you a chance to save
even more money. Does my unlicensed F rated
competitors offers you these options... I doubt

I sometimes have to strip a tub prior to refinishing
the tub. Unfortunately this does add to the cost.
Here's a link to more info on this process.
INFO on Stripping Tubs
If I can't get all the stains out
and/or it needs a lot of body
work than refinishing is the
option even if the tub is
already white.

does give you the biggest
"wow" factor.
Restoration option
cost's  more than just
cleaning however,
cost's less than
refinishing. Takes more
time and materials than
cleaning however, less
time and materials then
refinishing plus I don't
have to set up a lot of
equipment and mask
off the whole bathroom.
Less work for me less
cost for you.
Chip Repairs too!!
*Additional charges if tub has to be stripped.
Bathtub Repair Chip Repair Bathtub Cleaning Bathtub Restoration Bathtub Refinishing Bathtub Reglazing
Statement by a
customer that is
posted on Angies

"Restored 55 year
old bathtub - while
the bathroom has
never been
remodeled, the
restored bathtub
makes it look like a
well restored
antique car - like
its brand new"
The black is encrusted
Mineral Deposits
It takes a professional
with a lot of
experience to pull this
one off. I was proud of
this one.
Here you can see the different services that I
offer for your tub.
Restored this one after
stripping off a prior refinish.
REFINISHING of standard tubs
RESTORED Tubs!! Why refinish if I can make your tub look like this.
Leaving more of the look of the original surface.