Bathtub Rx, LLC Service Agreement


Clean area and ceilings before our arrival, this will reduce the chance of anything landing in the finished coating.
Customer is responsible for the cost to remove (repair) any foreign object or excess dust that lands on finished
surface after the job has been completed. Please remove all loose items from room (i.e. pictures, rugs, toiletries,
and curtains)

Paint & Wallpaper

Protective masking paper  is used to protect the walls from overspray. Masking tape is used to adhere the paper
/plastic to walls & ceiling. Customer is responsible for the removal of the masking paper and tape from the walls 24
hours after completion of the refinishing project, and any damage that may occur to those areas.
Please, take your time and be careful when removing any masking paper/plastic and tape.


We are not licensed plumbers, but we may be required to remove handles, overflow covers or any plumbing
hardware in order to apply our product properly. If we cannot remove the hardware, we will mask off to protect
against overspray in order to continue the refinishing process. Customer is responsible for replacing plumbing

Please  have any water leaks or glogged drain repaired prior to our arrival.


This is a service request contract. Payment is due and payable when the job is completed. We accept Credit Cards,
Cash, Checks, money orders, bank checks. $50 returned check fee.

Make checks payable to
Bathtub Rx, LLC
Payment acknowledges customer's acceptance and Inspection for quality of workmanship.

Trip charge

If job is booked and I show up and you forgot to call me to cancel or reschedule there will be a trip charge of
$125.00. I only schedule one refinishing a day (To be able to take my time with your tub). If you don't call me to
cancel or reschedule I lose a days pay so there will be a charge for this. (fair is fair).

Any Warranty work will incur a $25.00 fuel surcharge.
Warranty work would consist of failure of adhesion (peeling not chipping) Chipping is not caused by failure of product
or craftsmanship but, by dropping something on the surface hard enough to chip it. If you get a chip on the hood of
your car you would not expect the car dealer to fix it for free right? However, for my prior customers I only charge a
nominal fee.


WARRANTY PERIOD: (3) THREE YEARS. Bathtub Rx, LLC, warranties Refinished tubs against the failure of
adhesion of the Primer or Finish Coat, to the original consumer, during normal residential use. (Peeling not Chipping)
Chipping would be something caused by dropping something hard or banging of hard toys etc. Please avoid plastic
toys. Rubber toys should be OK. If it's still down after 3 years you know it's down good.
Any scratching, deterioration of the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water
conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear.
We cannot prevent dust from settling onto the newly refinished surface, as we are not working in a 100% dust free
environment. Regular cleaning will remove or make the dust particles less noticeable. DO NOT PICK OR TRY TO
If a slip resistant surface is installed, please use caution when entering and exiting your tub or shower. We are not
responsible for accidents. Hence the word Slip "RESISTANT" not proof. No warranty against failures due to
bathmats with suction cups.
Tubs with corrosion or rust problems will be repaired to the best of our ability. It is impossible to cover against any
future corrosion or rust problems that may occur.
There is no guarantee that my white used for a refinishing project will match the color of existing fixtures. (ie. Toilet,
sink)  There are just so many shades of whites that I simply can't guarantee an exact match. Feel free to ask to see
the coating first.
If I do refinish tile, failure of adhesion of the primer or finish coat on wall tile or grout lines (due to recessed grout
lines), is not covered under this warranty and is subject to a repair charge.

Glued Down Mats I warranty up to a year from peeling off. Peeling off due to holes in mat not warranted. Hole in
mat will cause the mat to let go. Rare but, does happen so be careful not to drop heavy or sharp items on mat.

Countertop coverage does not include laminate lifting off the substrate or backsplashes separating from the
countertop. Due to the composition of the Multi-speck material, final application pattern may not match sample

Items not covered under warranty:
Sinks, floors, tubs with rust or corrosion, chip repairs, nor refinished products in Commercial or Rental Properties.

If your tub was a prior refinished tub and it is not stripped off but shot over I can't warranty this tub from the original
finish failing. My coating will only be as good as the original coatings adhesion goes so there's no way for me to
warranty against that old coating from failing.

Tubs whether I just cleaned it or refinished it are not warranted in any way shape or form against getting
dirty or stained again
. In other words your tub does not come with a life time of free cleanings.  Please refer to the
Tubcare page.

If I do caulk your tub after done it's only a courtesy. This is not warranted from turning moldy.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

Warranty is not transferable, null and void if property is sold.
Maintain the care instructions listed on the Tubcare page.
Damage caused by direct impact from an object that caused surface to chip or crack, either                                     
accidentally or intentionally, is subject to repair charge.
Do not use bath mats with suction cups.
Do not use abrasive cleaners (SOS pads, Comet, Soft Scrub).
Do not bathe animals, as their claws may scratch or chip surface.
Stains caused by hair dyes, chemicals or rust, are not covered by this warranty, any attempt to remove or repair,      
would be subject to repair charge.
Maintain caulking where refinished tub meets tile walls.
Repair continuously leaking/dripping faucets.
Finish needs 24 Hours to cure in Bathrooms, then remove masking and caulk.

If color is not specifically requested I will shoot the tub white. Mind you there are many shades of white and I don't
guarantee a perfect match to your tiles or toilet. Also keep in mind that it's not unusual for a freshly refinished tub to
make your old tile look bad. I actually had a unhappy customer  because after the tub was shot it made her tile look
bad and blamed me for it. (complaint was tub glossy and did not match the tile) Funny, We Refinishers strive to
make tubs as glossy as possible.
Warranty-Terms & Conditions