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as little as one day.  Saving you money, time and mess.   Based out of Norwalk, Ct Servicing Fairfield County
and surrounding areas.
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First just to let you know  I am licensed, certified,  insured, and rated
A+ 0 complaints with the BBB. A ratings on Angie's. 5 Star on Yelp
and Google.
Referred by  They are a high end shower
door company and Bender in Norwalk.

Considering bathroom remodeling? Consider having your bathtub
refinished for a fraction of the cost.

The majority of my clients replace their tile first then have me come
in to refinish or even just clean their tub. Saving them the headache
and expense of replacing the tub.

Refinishing versus liner.

Five Reasons of many Why Not to Consider a Bathtub or Shower

1) A Cover-Up, Not a Solution

Liners cover up underlying problems instead of fixing them. The
moisture in bathrooms can create mold and even eat away at
structural elements which need to be replaced.

2) Trapped Water

Possibility of water getting trapped between liner and tub, creating
mold and mildew.

3) Hollow Feeling

Liners may feel "spongey" or less than stable under foot.

4) Pricey

Liners are a lot more expensive than refinishing. I've heard of recent
quotes of $2000.00
just to cover the tub. Don't take my word for it.
Get an estimate yourself. If I'm wrong please let me know.

I usually can refinish a tub for less than half that amount. Leaving
you with the look and feel of the original cast iron tub.

5) Reduced dimensions
Because you are adding material, your bathtub will become smaller.

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Refinishing versus replacing your existing bathtub.

Replacement tubs are generally made of cheaper quality than the
original. (Fiberglass tubs do not hold the heat like a cast iron tub)

The refinishing process takes hours versus weeks.  Additionally,  
The cost of refinishing is a fraction of replacing.

HERE to see video of actual liner being removed then tub
being refinished. (Shows water and mold) Nasty....
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If you are looking into bathroom remodeling you should really consider refinishing / reglazing first.
Picture of tub after having a liner pulled out. Notice all the lovely
back glue all over the place.

Could of had it refinished in the first place for a whole lot less
If you call a competitor ask them these following questions.
Is their coating rated for submersion?
Who does the actual refinishing work. Is it the owner himself? How long in this business?
How many refinishes do they do in a day? I do just 1 - Yours.
How much time do they spend on your tub. 1,2,3,hrs. I average 5 hours sometimes more.
What bonding agent is used if any?
Do they bring
Hydrochloric Acid into your home? I sure would not want that spilled anywhere.
Licenced, Insured, Certified (Proper schooling)
Are they a well rated with the
BBB?   I'm an A+ rated Refinisher Living in Fairfield  County.
A competitor claims to be rated #1 by the "National Association of Bathtub Refinishers".
Try to look them up. I can't find any such thing. Just saying....
If all you care about is the lowest price you may not be doing yourself justice.

Remember you get what you pay for.  What good is it if you hire someone solely
based on price and within an hour or two he is leaving to the next job. (I schedule
just your Refinish). I wonder what steps where skipped. a) Proper cleaning? b)
Applying a proper bonding agent? c) Properly masking off d) Is he even legit??
If you are paying very low they have to skimp on something and are probably
rushing to get to the next job.

What good is paying $300.00 to someone to refinish your tub only to turn around
and have to pay another $600.00 just to have it stripped off soon down the road.
I am Rated A+ with the BBB
With 0 complaints.

You can
Click Here to bring you right to the page on the BBB site to
be sure it's up to date if you like.
Based out of
NEW YORK, NY, December 14, 2011 -- Bathtub
Rx, LLC has been selected for the 2011 Best of
Norwalk Award in the Bath Tub & Sink Repair &
Refinishing Contractors category by the U.S.
Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award
Program recognizes outstanding local businesses
throughout the country. Each year, the USCA
identifies companies that they believe have
achieved exceptional marketing success in their
local community and business category. These
are local companies that enhance the positive
image of small business through service to their
customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered
and analyzed to choose the winners in each
category. The 2011 USCA Award Program
focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are
determined based on the information gathered
both internally by the USCA and data provided by
third parties.
This is a post from a customer who I did a tub for.

"This was one of those "why isn't everyone like this?" experiences.
Gary answered my call right away, was very friendly and
knowledgeable on the phone, and we set up an appointment for 3
days later. The information I received was thorough, and his website is
even more thorough.
He arrived promptly at 8:30am and went right to work. Everything was
taped, covered, protected by plastic. I didn't see what he was doing,
but I know that the tub (which was already clean) was scraped and
cleaned immaculately. Every detail was addressed. Gary even took
the time to discuss shades of white with me - in order to match the
existing toilet and sink - which I really appreciated.
The work was done by about noon and all the materials, including the
plastic sheeting, were removed. The bathroom was as immaculate as
before he arrived. The tub looked brand new - and the shade of white
he had chosen was perfect.
But Gary even went above and beyond the call of duty. In closing
doors to protect rooms from the fumes (which are exhausted through
an elaborate system, but some smell remains for awhile) I
inadvertently locked the one to my office. Everything was in there: my
car keys, pocketbook, cell phone, etc. Gary used his smart phone to
find an emergency locksmith for me. And, because my husband was
out of town, he also came back the next day to re-attach the overflow
Click HERE for an article on Angies List comparing
Refinishing to Liners.
Servicing Fairfield county and surrounding areas.

I specialize in refinishing cast iron bathtubs.

I don't refinish sinks, toliets or jacuzzi's (due to the jets)
No longer refinishing tile due to issues with old failing backer boards and
grout issues.

Sinks and toilets just replace. Not cost effective. The same set up is required
to refinish a sink as a tub therefore I suggest in most cases you just swap it

I also professionally clean bathtubs as well.  A lot of times a professional
cleaning is all it needs. I don't sugar coat things.

Below is a before and after of a tub "cleaned" by me. Not Refinished.

Check out my interview on Connecticut Homes, a top site for Connecticut real estate, as well as Pennsylvania homes for sale, New Hampshire real estate and Norwalk, CT homes for sale: The Benefits of Having Your Bathtub Refinished.

One of Bathtub Rx Topcoats is the only Flouropolymer
Coatings currently being used in the bathtub refinishing
Fluoropolymer coatings are blends of high
performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants.
These coatings are a superior dry film lubricant that
produce a smooth, hard, slick coating and provide
excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.
Ask a competitor if their coating is rated for Submersion.
It is superior in every way to standard aliphatics and two
part polyurethanes. Here are a few reasons to choose
the finest coating in the industry. VOC compliant and
USDA approved • Will not fade, chalk, crack, peel,
yellow or stain • Will not allow algae, moss, mold,
mildew, algae to grow • Prevents rust & corrosion •
Abrasion resistant • Salt Spray Proof • Acid resistant •
Graffiti Proof • Stain Proof • No sticking Kynar • Hail
resistant • Flame retardant • Resists UV degradation
(contains UVA) • Virtually maintenance free • Simple
preparation and coating application • Repetitive stripping
and re-coating are not necessary • Eliminates oxidation
of coated material • Allows recoating without stripping •
Offered in all colors • Restores color • Offered in any
sheen • Reduces heating and cooling costs • Reflects
90% of the sun's energy away from substrate • Extends
the life cycle of products •  Warmer in the winter-cooler
in the summer Immersion Service Capable